Suggested Teaching Formats

The Bible provides Christians with an abundance of insight for casting out demons and healing the sick. But, God did not leave His people slack on revelation of His command in Matthew 10:1-8 for them to raise the dead.  Jesus instructed His followers to “…teach them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you…”  Stated another way, Jesus commanded followers of God to do these things, and then, they were to teach others to do the same.  Raising the dead was part and parcel of His command; i.e., not an option. To help fulfill Jesus’ command in this area, the following info provides suggested teaching formats for the wise impartation of this revelation.


These CCF Book formats are meetings where views and ideas on this subject are exchanged in such a manner as to facilitate interaction.  These more intimate formats are intended to disarm individuals initially uncomfortable with the subject, yet, sharpen the knowledge of those desirous to increase actionable faith in this regard. 

SEMINAR FORMAT:  CCF Fundamentals  (5-8 Hours)

  • Limited PowerPoint presentation of key points
  • One in-depth Case Study from a minister’s perspective
  • Limited interaction and feedback with author
  • Brief Question and Answer Session
  • End: Prayer and Impartation Session

CLASSROOM FORMAT:  CCF In-depth Teachings  (9-12 Hours)

  • In-depth PowerPoint presentation of key points
  • In-depth Case Studies from a minister’s perspective
  • Ample time allotted for interaction and feedback
  • End: Prayer and Impartation Session 
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