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Diane utilizes 18 years of full-time itinerant ministry experience to further the prophetic mandate for  her to write this book.  A portion of that prophetic mandate was this:

“…and the Lord says, just begin to write and He will begin to orchestrate the message that’s going to come forth from you. God’s already put it in your heart. Go ahead and write it, and the Lord says that He will deliver the message from throughout the four corners of the earth.”

The message” in its conception and infancy, and which had indeed already been quietly stirring within her heart, was basically three-fold:

  1. To see that this practice is once again restored to mainstream Christianity; and,
  2. To teach the Body of Christ what God’s word specifically says about this subject, and how this will prepare their spirit to see a deceased raised from the dead in the event of a premature death; and,
  3. Why this practice will be corporately restored before Jesus’ return.


Diane was born and raised in Gadsden, Alabama, USA. She attended Bethel College in McKenzie, Tennessee, but transferred and graduated from the University of Georgia in 1981. That same year she finished studies at the National Center for Paralegal Training in Atlanta, Georgia. After working there in the legal field for ten years, Diane transitioned into full-time itinerant ministry in 1990.

In 2008, she voluntarily stepped away from ministry, went back to college, and completed, with honors, her Accounting Management Technology studies at Northwest Florida State College in 2013.

As time passed, the conviction of Romans 11:29 – the gifts and callings of God are without repentance – would not escape her spirit. In 2016, Diane resumed ministry work on what God very specifically and prophetically instructed her to do in 2001 pertaining to Church – Come Forth! Since that time, she has continued to direct time and attention to this prophetically mandated message.

Now, as an author and pioneer of establishing this message as present truth, her desire is that Christians from all walks of life realize that they can proactively prepare NOW, with the word of God, to enter into the spiritual dimension of raising the dead in the event of a premature death – IF God directs. And, Diane is once again fulfilling this God-directed mandate by making available the message of Jesus Christ via the Church – Come Forth! book and seminars.

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