What Others Have Said About The Book


“This book could start a chain reaction causing thousands of Christians to demonstrate the Lordship of Christ over all things, including untimely death.
Bishop Bill Hamon  

“This move of the Holy Spirit will become a reformation from God that will move us from the common place to the supernatural in a hurry.
Martha A . Lucia

“The subject Diane is addressing is something that the Lord will be teaching His Body in days ahead.
Dr. Chuck D. Pierce

Diane Stallings Ministries, Inc.

In 2001, a credible and respected prophetess unexpectedly ministered a brief prophetic word to Diane from the pastors’ platform during the middle of a Sunday morning church service. Succinctly stated, the prophetic word was a directive to write Church – Come Forth! (See book’s Preface for prophetic word).

There were only two small obstacles for Diane to overcome in fulfilling this mandate: 1) She had never even contemplated writing a book; and, 2) Neither had she participated in ministry to a deceased!  Nevertheless, knowing that God’s word works whether it can be demonstrated it or not, Church – Come Forth! progressively evolved and unfolded out of sheer obedience and determination. SELAH!

Given God’s mandate to pen the book from this perspective, this writing provides the reader with a ‘line-upon-line, precept-upon-precept” foundation for understanding this often misunderstood, unconventional, and potentially controversial, message. That said, Church – Come Forth! provides a belief system that will instinctively cause Christian believers to consider the option of  resurrection ministry upon the hearing of a death pronouncement.

Have You Prepared To Raise The Dead

As a believer in Jesus Christ, have you biblically prepared for resurrection ministry should such a situation present itself to you?  Yes, prepare!  How?  By educating ourselves with what God’s word reveals to us on this subject!  When?  Right now!

The Golden Rule for initial preparation is first an intimate relationship with Christ.  With that comes the ability to be guided by Him on whether or not to initiate, or enter into, a death situation.  If so, God-directed actions of faith will begin to well up out of our spirit in these situations when God’s biblical promises on this subject are already seeded within our minds and spirits.

So, why wait? Prepare NOW if you have not already! Let this book’s message saturate your mind and spirit – long before being faced with a death situation.  Order today. Click the “BUY BOOK” now.