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The enemy of death is beginning to encroach upon the Body of Christ from many seemingly helpless angles.  From mass shootings, COVID-19, transit accidents, etc., death is no respecter of persons. In geographical regions, the gates of hell are opening up over sin-ridden territories, and innocent Christians are prematurly being killed within this mix.  BUT, are observing and affected Christians merely supposed to accept any and all deaths of loved ones like helpless, hopeless, sitting ducks when these tragic events transpire?  The answer is a resounding “NO”!  Breakthrough, the 2019 big-screen movie hit, gives impetus to this posturing statement.

Breakthrough is a medically documented and verifiable resurrection story. It is about a Christian mother who relentlessly stood in the face of adverse and dismal circumstances while successfully believing God for life to be wholly restored to her deceased son.  The fact that this Christian-produced and supported movie successfully came forefront via the ‘big screen’ [$51+ million gross] provides discerning Christians with one major Issacharian clue:  God’s set time for the corporate spread and release of this resurrection revelation now rest upon His people – and that is the purpose of this message.

Armed with scriptural support and truth in Church—Come Forth, believers can become further fortified and emboldened to overcome the earthly enemy of death with an individual and corporate understanding.  Individually, raising the dead stands to once again become a generally accepted and integral part of Christianity as cutting-edge believers proactively prepare NOW to enter into this dimension of faith. Corporately, God’s end-time plan and purposes for His Church in overcoming the enemy of death will be revealed. And, Jesus can be released from His Throne after all enemies – including the last enemy of death – are made His footstool.


  • How Christians address the issue of embalming within a premature death situation.
  • How and when it is permissible to exercise your faith to raise the dead.
  • How a death is deemed premature not knowing when a person is supposed to initially die.
  • Why NOW is God’s timetable for this practice to now visibly become a corporate move within the Church.
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