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Can today’s Christians raise the dead? No, you say? Think again!

Church—Come Forth! delves deeply into how today’s corporate Body of Christ—every Christian—can naturally prepare now to raise the dead, and why it is essential this resurrection miracle be corporately restored before Jesus will return.

“This book could start a chain reaction causing thousands of Christians to demonstrate the lordship of Christ over all things, including untimely deaths.”                —Dr. Bill Hamon, Bishop, Christian International Ministries Network

From biblical to modern-day resurrections, Church—Come Forth! book is filled with faith-building possibilities for believers who become equipped to raise a deceased from premature death. A passionate movement is energizing—and raising the dead is once again becoming an integral part of Christianity as mature believers proactively prepare.

Some truths revealed include:

  • How and when it is permissible to exercise your faith to raise the dead.
  • How Christians prepare NOW – before a death.
  • How a death is deemed premature.
  • Why NOW is God’s time table for this to become a corporate move within the Church.

Have YOU prepared to enter in to one of these situations should you be confronted with a premature death?  Armed with scriptural support and truth in Church—Come Forth! the earthly Body of Christ can be empowered to boldly take a step closer toward the ultimate fulfillment of our destiny in this regard, and death will finally begin to become the footstool of Jesus!

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Diane Stallings Ministries, Inc.

THE AUTHOR’S MANDATE:  Jesus said in John 14:12, “He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do…” We know Jesus raised individuals from a premature death, and, He stated believers SHALL do greater.

Diane’s God-given, prophetic mandate is to wisely educate and prepare maturing Christians to participate in raising individuals from a premature death. Church! Come Forth specifically addresses this issue, and, God is using Diane to pioneer and plow this resurrection message within the Body of Christ.

Inclusive within this mandate is to ensure this biblical practice once again becomes restored and accepted as an integral aspect of present-day Christianity—a pre-cursor to the end-time resurrection of the corporate Body of Christ. Key leaders consider her to be a forerunner in laying this foundation for the Church’s third and final reformation, and she has been called upon nationally and internationally to share these biblical truths.

Diane’s heartfelt desire is to incite the Body of Christ to penetrate barriers of unbelief, embedded within conventional thinking among believers and unbelievers alike, and prevail over premature deaths in a resurrection manner. Her further desire is to see a continued escalation of these resurrections within the earth through God’s saints until our last enemy of death ultimately becomes the footstool of Jesus Christ; opening the door for Jesus to be released from His seat at the Right Hand of the Father. (Matthew 22:44.)

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“This book could start a chain reaction causing thousands of Christians to demonstrate the Lordship of Christ over all things, including untimely death.
Bishop Bill Hamon  

“This move of the Holy Spirit will become a reformation from God that will move us from the common place to the supernatural in a hurry.
Martha A . Lucia

“The subject Diane is addressing is something that the Lord will be teaching His Body in days ahead.
Dr. Chuck D. Pierce